Our role is not to create the latest “technical” fibre. Nature has already done that, and without an oil rig in sight.

Merino wool was born not in a lab, but in the mountains of New Zealand. The Icebreaker fibre factory works 24 hours a day, on the back of a sheep.

Sustainability is at the heart of Icebreaker, and we aim for profitable sustainability — a business model that balances ecology with economy.

It’s possible because nature is an astonishing designer. Everything it creates is simple, efficient and beautiful.

We believe nature is a powerful force that is within us and around us. We have harnessed this force to become the passionate world leader in merino.

When we’re designing a new garment, the key question for us is always: how does this perform?

It’s all about functionality – better temperature regulation, mobility, sweat management, and fit. Great design can be as simple as making sure seams don’t sit on top of each other when several garments are layered together.

The design ethos is under-stated and elegant, and always has an element of surprise – interior stitching, or a print on a pocket. Icebreaker’s roots are in nature, and our designers constantly use New Zealand’s wild landscape as a source of inspiration.

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