Good hYOUman

Brett Novek started good hYOUman in August of 2011 in memory of his dad, David Novek. He was very close with his father and wanted to do something to keep his memory alive forever. He started by screen printing basic t-shirts with inspirational messages on them in his bathroom at home. After just 3 years of hard work and dedication, without help from PR or marketing efforts good hYOUman is in over 750 boutiques in the U.S. with distribution throughout Europe, Japan, and Canada. The line is 100% made in the U.S and is premium quality with the utmost comfort perfect for an active and everyday lifestyle.

Our goal is to create and deliver YOU unbelievably comfortable clothing and unique accessories that make YOU feel GOOD.

We promise:
TO deliver the highest quality 100% of the time.
TO provide a stellar shopping experience.
TO give back to the community.
TO share your stories.
TO create amazing and inspiring content.
TO manufacture our products in the United States of America.