Toad & Co.

Born in Telluride, based in Santa Barbra and recognized in most places with a smile, Horny Toad makes clothes. Every once in awhile we have a grilled cheese making contest during lunch.

Our clothes are designed to be an expression of ease. Toad style is socially adept and as unpretentious as a good friend. Keeping a one-closet lifestyle in mind, we try to make stuff that looks good without effort, is generous in the details and functions like a favorite from the very first wear.

The majority of our clothes are made with sustainable fibres – like organic cotton – and clean cellulosic such as Tencel® and Modal® and also recycled poly. They age well, they travel with ease and look good straight off the floor – no matter how many times they are worn first.

As a company – and as individuals – we do our best to make clothes that are socially and environmentally informed. It’s important to us that people feel as good about the business practices and people behind Horny Toad as they do about our clothes.

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