Miik started as an idea that was inspired by a magazine article in Green Living Magazine on sustainable fabrics. Co-founder, Michael Gaughan, read the article and was immediately intrigued. Who knew that you could make fabric from corn, pineapple, milk, beechwood and eucalyptus?

With one eye on fashion and the other on the environment, he decided to try his hand at designing a clothing line. He started researching bamboo and other sustainable fabrics. He loved the concept of slow fashion: “Instead of buying cheap, trendy clothing that would end up in a landfill site after one season, why not create clothes that are durable and well-made in simple, but striking designs?”

He learned fairly quickly that not all bamboo is created equal, and that they would have to mill their own fabric locally to control the quality, weight and colour. Milling, designing and sewing locally would also support local businesses and minimize carbon emissions.

Our line is designed, milled, dyed and tailored in the Toronto area using sustainably sourced fabrics. Our pieces are impeccably crafted from the highest quality luxury fabrics – the results are timeless. You’ll enjoy your Miik pieces for years to come.

Wrap yourself in Miik.


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