At Knix Wear, we’re making underwear that outperforms expectations: comfortable as can be, beautiful to behold, and technologically state-of-the-art.

Knix Wear is an all female run company that is creating underwear designed by women, for women. The insight was simple: with the state of technology everything has evolved, everything but our underwear. Sweat, periods, light leaks… women have a lot going on down there and it’s time for a super power panty that can keep up with us super power ladies.

Whether it’s a Knix everyday seamless basic or a FitKnix boyshort to power through a morning run, there’s a pair of Knix Wear that pairs perfectly with any lifestyle.

We believe it’s time your underwear did more. That’s why we’re changing it for good.

Women are multi-taskers, their underwear should be too.  Sweating about sweat and odour? Try our ultrathin FreshFix Air Technology designed to nip odour and moisture in the butt. Each pair is made with a bonded seamless edge, designed to stay in place and lie flat against your skin as you move.

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