Buck Na.ked Soap Company


Cocktail Mult-Tool

Stainless steel tool to perfect cocktail making. 9-in-1 tool includes; a muddler, bottle opener, knife, zester, stirrer, strainer, channel knife, single measure and corkscrew

Shot Glasses & Serving Paddle

Serving Paddle made from acaia wood with a set of four Shot Glassses. Includes a painted black handle and real leather hook tie.

Cheese & Wine Serving Set with Knife and Bottle Opener

Includes a Gentlemen’s Hardware bottle opener and a steel cheese knife with a wooden handle.

Chateau Stain Remover Bottle

Red Wine Stain Remover & Household Essential.  The one bottle no Wine Lover should be without.

Brain Teaser Quiz

Put your friends and family to the test with this collection of brain teasers, riddles and conundrums.

Charcoal Shoe Shine Kit

Zipped case with faux-leather detail. Contains two brushes, two tins of polish and a cleaning cloth.

Plier & Screwdriver Multi-Tool

Stainless steel multi-tool featuring nine tools including:  pliers, wire cutters, knife, saw, scewdriver and 12 assorted screwdriver heads.

Manicure Tin

Manicure set containing; scissors, two different sized nail clippers, tweezers and cuticle clippers.

Lip Balm

Fragrance-free Lip Balm presented in a Stanley Branded tin.

Hip Flask

Stainless Steel Hip Flask embossed with the words Down the hatch, my friend.

Money Clip

Money clip with bottle opener