Buff Canada Ltd. is the exclusive Canadian distributor of BUFF® products. Our team of distribution, sales and marketing specialists is dedicated to grow the BUFF® brand in Canada working closely with talented athletes, sponsoring events and supporting charities across the country. The company is based in the mountain town of Canmore, Alberta. We are proud to be a small family-run business. Today we distribute to over 700 stores and many organisations requiring custom projects.


ThermoNet® is a novel fabric developed together with Primaloft®, which offers more warmth without adding any extra bulk. This newest addition to the BUFF® product family is thin, lightweight and high-stretch. It’s perfect for skiing and snowboarding or playing outside in the cold.

. 4x warmer than Original BUFF® headwear
. Offers excellent moisture control and breathability,
even during high intensity activities
. Soft, seamless and high-stretch for comfortable fit
and 12+ ways to wear
. 70% of ThermoNet® yarn fibres are created from
recycled PET bottles

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