Blæst is an exciting range of colorful rainwear for women with an eye for quality and individuality. Women who want to feel and look good on rainy, blustery days. Designed by Lisbeth Lillebøe, Blæst is produced in the highest quality and according to EU`s environmental standards. They are all lined, comes with a hood and the seams are sealed.

Blæst rain jackets have received the Good Design award from the Norwegian Design Council.

About the designer: Lisbeth Lillebøe grew up in rainy Bergen, Norway. With a good chance that 213 days of the year will be wet, the citizens of Bergen have long since accepted that the weather gods have chosen their city to be a wet paradise. As a child Lisbeth Lillebøe heard it said that there was no bad weather, just bad clothes. This was probably what gave her the urge to create functional, colorful and attractive garments for rainy, windswept days.

The weather has been a great source of inspiration, and a natural part of her everyday life. The need to keep dry and be well dressed, however wet and gusty it might be has always been her guiding thought.

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