Arcade Belts

New for SS2019: Functional. Lightweight. Durable. Arcade belts are designed from the ground up to provide amazing comfort, the best fit and the right amount of flexibility to move with you. Our belts are built to go everywhere and anywhere without ever letting you or your pants down.

We make belts. They’re stretchy and they work better than anything that’s been wrapped around your waist before. There are little things in life that don’t work as well as they should. One of those things is your belt. Holes punched in leather straps are a medieval era invention. Nylon webbing with aluminum clamps are a token of big brands slapping logos on cheaply made crap. Arcade belts were invented, designed and styled with the modern shredder in mind.

Designed with Slingshot Tech™ stretchiness to move with you, not against you. Made with easy on and highly durable Acetal plastic buckles. For your pants, for your sports, for your activities, for your life. Welcome to a better belt.

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